MPC Titles

I worked for MPC Vancouver for more than 8 years, 7 of them as head of the 3DDMP / Environments department.

As far as I can tell, I hired 154 people into the department during my time there, around 40 for their first ever role in VFX.

The studio closed it’s doors for good in December 2019

MPC Ad Astra 2

This shot, like a lot of shots on the project, was touched by a great many people. I believe it was finished in MPC London, based on a Terragen setup created by myself and the environment lead, Scott Russell.

MPC Dark Tower

The Dark Tower – 2018

I created a library of textures for the titular ‘Dark Tower’ which were used in a ‘texturebombing’ shader by Tim Crowson. The background sky is a matte painting by Matt Ellis, based on photos I took in the South Pacific.

The landscape was a ‘2am’ shot, created in less than 24hrs alongside Michael Gardiner and Eduardo Lopez. It never made the final cut…