Leap Year Apartment

Boston Apartment Skyline.  The script called for the apartment (despite being on a higher floor) to feel crowded by the surrounding buildings.


The Finest Hours – 2015

I was again lead artist on this show, as well a HoD of the whole of the Vancouver environments department.  I created several coastline matte paintings for this show, as well as some skydomes.  This is one that I worked on at a rate of about 1hr/week for the duration of the show – a fully digital grass bank, blowing in the wind.


MPC Jersey Boys 1

Jersey Boys – 2013

This was my first show as CG supervisor, working with Greg Butler as VFX supe.  I oversaw the creation of around 120 shots, which wasn’t a large number – but were split across around 20 sequences, with only a handful of shots in each.  This is one of the few shots I worked on personally – the bowling alley sign which gives the band it’s name.

MPC Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows – 2011

I was made lead artist for the first time mid-way through this show, when the existing lead left.  I set up the WPP (world position pass) projection templates for the cliffs, as well as the Liverpool docks skyline.  I also created the cliff-top as a matte painting, and used a script to re-create a Vue forest ecosystem as a card setup in Nuke.

Neverland stone bridge

A lot of the work on this show was turning exterior shots (from Ireland) into the fantastical landscapes of ‘Neverland’.  Many of the forest shots were supposed to contain deep canyons with natural stone bridges, but were simply shot with cones or small pieces of bluescreen on the ground.

Neverland white wood 1

First shot of the ‘White Wood’ environment.  The simple sets and the odd design for the forest made these shots very tricky to create.

Sanctuary lotus headquarters

Lotus Defense Corps Headquarters from Ep. 2 ‘Uprising’.

Architecture of the main buildings is loosely based on the old ‘Apple’ campus.

LVK aerial forest DMP

‘Cragwich Forest’ aerial shot – the first time I used ‘Vue’ in production, as well as the first full establishing of my career

Cave mouth

Cave mouth DMP.  Shot in Bourne Woods, near Farnham in the UK.  It’s such a popular filming location that there were lots of set pieces from other shows handing around – the random junk in this plate was from ‘Band of Brothers’.

Tornado field supercell

‘Supercell’ matte painting for the ‘Tornado’ episode.  Miniature trailer from ‘The Model Unit’.  Source photo for the supercell from ‘Extreme Instability’