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‘Fish Eye’ matte painting. Used as background for almost every poster, affiliate marketing material and website. Probably the most widely visible painting I’ve ever done.


Initial blocking was done in ‘SketchUp’, and painted in Corel ‘Painter’.


Freelance contract for Rushes Film and TV


Initial design for the Skyline matte painting.  I preferred this design, but it was thought that it discriminated against host cities that didn’t have a waterfront view.

Initial designs featured sparklers and fireworks, but this was thought to encourage hooliganism at the actual games.  The final shots used streamers and floating glitter to try to produce a similar effect. 


Storyboards for the main title sequence

Concepts done in SketchUp and Painter.  Final Matte Paintings done in Photoshop.  Source renders from other artists, or created in Vue.


Aerial view of the stadium, from the main title sequence

Surrounding city is a combination of north London (the area surrounding the Arsenal stadium) and Barcelona, which has the largest football stadium in Europe.

Alternate aerial view, often used as an alternate background in marketing posters



Final concept painting for the iconic ‘skyline’ matte painting


Final matte painting of the ‘Skyline’ stadium.  Initial renders done in ‘Vue’.