sanctuary –

My first project in Vancouver, for AnthemFX, the company that brought me to Canada. They’re sadly long gone, but they threw amazing parties…

London skyline for the final sequence of Episode 1, seen from the rooftops of Victoria embankment.  Time was meant to be around 1900 – and unusually for an aggressive TV schedule, I had the time for some historical research.  Blackfriars bridge is on the left, and straight ahead is what is now the ‘OXO’ tower.

Another angle of the London rooftops, with St. Pauls Cathedral in the far background.


London Skyline reverse angle.  I didn’t realise how defocused the final shot was going to be, and put in a ton of detail that was never seen.  Base building geometry by Remo Weiland.

Lotus Defense Corps Headquarters from Ep. 2 ‘Uprising’.

Architecture of the main buildings is loosely based on the old ‘Apple’ campus.

Graveyard DMP for Will’s vision in Episode 6.


Establishing matte paintings of the eponymous ‘Icebreaker’ in Episode 7, stranded in the Bering Sea.  Base renders of the ship were provided, and the surrounding icebergs were scattered in Vue.

When I started, Anthem had one very old license of Vue, but were kind enough to upgrade it for me, and I made VERY heavy use of it during my time there.

Icebreaker at dawn (the ‘hopeful’ shot at the end of the episode).  I don’t think this made the final cut.

Cyclorama for all the icebreaker interior shots 

Concept for the Buenos Aires hotel in Episode 10 ‘Acolyte’