neverland –

Two part TV Movie for AnthemFX – meant to be a prequel to the ‘Peter Pan’ story.

A lot of the work on this show was turning exterior shots (from Ireland) into the fantastical landscapes of ‘Neverland’.  Many of the forest shots were supposed to contain deep canyons with natural stone bridges, but were simply shot with cones or small pieces of bluescreen on the ground.


Rocky islands DMP, done in collaboration with Rose Wang.  Concept obviously inspired by Ha Long Bay.

This is probably the fastest-paced show I ever worked on. Most matte paintings were done in less than a week, and many in only a couple of days.

One of many forest interior matte paintings, based on Vue renders

Matte painting of the Tree Spirit colony on fire.  Flames and smoke were added by the FX artists.

Another matte painting of the ‘White Wood’.  In all the concept art, the tops of the trees were never seen (even in the distance), which wasn’t practical in this shot.  Tree renders done in ‘Vue’.

Edge of the ‘White Wood’.  Was meant to be an ‘epic landscape’, but the plate was rather limiting.


Concept art for the initial view of Fludd’s city – every building is meant to be formed or grown out of giant trees.


Establishing shot for Dr. Fludd’s city

Concept art for Fludd’s forest city.  Model and base render by Gavin Jung and Remo Weiland.

First shot of the ‘White Wood’ environment.  The simple sets and the odd design for the forest made these shots very tricky to create.

Sky replacement and horizon extension.  I didn’t create the ship, but did composite it for this test shot.

Concept and DMP for the forest in the opening sequence