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Freelance contract for ‘Rushes Film and TV’

Not a high-brow project, but very good fun to work on.   All the artists had a lot of creative freedom, and the director (Phil Claydon) was great to work with.

Stages of the ‘Town Street’ illustration for the Film’s prologue.  The sequence was meant to have a comic-book feel, so these illustrations were used as backgrounds in the actual film, rather than concepts for a more photo-real painting.

Only direction given was ‘a Crazy Alchemist’s Lair’, so I had a lot of creative freedom.


SketchUP has it’s roots as an architectural modeler, so creating the vaulted ceilings was easier than I expected.

All of the illustrations were done using a combination of SketchUp and Painter.  The aerial forest matte painting was given to me as a challenge – it was far larger than anything I’d ever done before.  I learnt ‘Vue’ in a weekend, and then came in on a Monday to do the shot.

Forest track illustration, also for the title sequence

Illustration test of Matthew Horne as ‘Jimmy’.  The director was hoping to have a fully illustrated poster commissioned, in the style of the old hammer horror films.  This was my pitch for me have a go at it. 


Concept for the movie’s poster


Storyboards for the final shot

‘Cragwich Forest’ aerial shot – the first time I used ‘Vue’ in production, as well as the first full establishing of my career